love by pedro garcía

five of today’s most influential asian style leaders and their take on “love”

The style, inspired by nostalgic icons and artefacts of the 90’s, recalls the era’s popular sports sandal, a compelling liminal profile favoured today by the high-fashion and anti-fashion set alike.

This special video project, led by fashion director Kim Kollar and videographer Luke Casey, was shot in Hong Kong and feature five of today’s most influential Asian style leaders and their take on “Love” : Utah Lee, Chloe Mak, Jenny Tsang, Louise Wong and Veronica Li.

Crafted from luxurious premium suede, the ultra comfortable and contoured flatform boasts shimmering raw edge double stitched silk satin straps, embellished with glittering micro pavé Swarovski crystals for a sumptuously decadent effect set against a monochrome color palette of meteorite or titanium.


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