flagship store


12, jorge juan. 28001 madrid
store hours: monday to saturday 10.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.
sundays closed

Inviting and refined, Pedro García’s new store resembles a cozy living room in a townhouse at the heart of Madrid, a two-story building on a tranquil pedestrian street in the Salamanca neighborhood. The brand’s creative directors, Pedro García and Dale Dubovich, worked in close collaboration with López Rivera Architects on its design. Together they have created a snug, domestic setting in which every aspect has been conceived to ensure that the customer feels like a welcome guest.

This unique townhouse has all the charisma required to represent Pedro García’s universe, and its upper story houses the brand’s central offices in Madrid. The store, with 60 square meters of floor space, combines classicism and innovation, reflecting the brand’s Anglo-Hispanic character and its international profile.

The linear white façade is complemented by parterres carpeted with ivy and encircled by low iron fences, on either side of a traditional doormat. Decorative wood molding in black forms an oversized frame for the display window and places it center-stage. Around it, windows with traditional shutters and the door with its large glass panes, crowned by a black, industrial-style overhead light, accentuate the impact of the display window still further.

Inside, traditional boiserie – walls lined with wooden paneling with ornamental moldings – envelops the room. A richly-textured environment, painted white to create a light and luminous feel. On the coffered ceiling, spherical spotlights in the center of each sunken panel add emphasis, and evoke the glossy glamour of the seventies. A classic herringbone parquet floor of natural oak continues unexpectedly to line the bookcase-style displays that flank the grand central fireplace. On the opposite wall, over a beveled black glass counter, frames in a variety of shapes and finishes display images from the brand’s campaigns, like a collection of family photographs.

The combination of pieces that furnish the interior have been selected with care: a Fornasetti lamp, marble tables by Saarinen, Chinoise Chippendale-style chairs, a geometric carpet by Jonathan Adler, Platner stools and a huge freestanding Philippe Starck mirror that dominates the back of the room. These elements enliven and complement the classical language of the interior, creating a contemporary feel that is at once formal and familiar.

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